The other day, I became privy to a really funny, really horrifying plan being hatched under our roof…

One Shultz boy encouraging another Shultz boy to respond to our pastor’s “HE IS RISEN!” from our pew on Easter Sunday with “APRIL FOOLS’!”

Lord, have mercy.

I utter ^^ those words a lot.

The last time Easter fell on April 1st was 1956. The next time Easter falls on April 1st is 2029. Easter just happens to fall on April 1st this year. The year all four of my sons fall into one of two categories: preteen or teen.

This is the Lord keeping me humble right here, folks.

After you chuckle (or gasp) at what my boys planned to do to commemorate the fact that Easter and April Fools’ Day are one in the same, go talk to your sons. Make sure none of them are planning something similar.

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